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Investigation: The Pioneer Museum, Colorado Springs, CO

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Boulder County Paranormal conducted an investigation of the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum earlier this year, at the kind invitation of our colleagues at CPR Investigations. The location itself was a wonderfully historic place - every corner of the building presented an interesting exhibit that was well worth stopping to look at. There was also an extremely old elevator, one of the grille-cage type, which seemed to be working flawless despite its age.
Our team swept the building meticulously for EMF readings, first building up a baseline, and then assessing for changes. Nothing was noted that could not be explained by natural causes. When we checked the EVPs, no audible irregularities were discernible. Our photographs showed no anomalies either.

In short, as with so many investigations into the paranormal, the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum yielded no results worth mentioning. It was, however, a great environment to be allowed to work in.