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Investigation: Anonymous hair salon in Longmont, CO

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BCP was called in to investigate a haunted hairdressing salon in the City of Longmont. This small business claims to be experiencing inexplicable phenomena on a regular basis.

Miranda's Notes:
We got to the salon at about 6PM and waited for the last client to leave.  The first thing I did was video tape the psychic lady, Cass, while she used her tools to question and track the spirit.  She concluded that there were two female spirits in the building and that one of them was pregnant.  She also concluded that the spirit was centered near a painting hanging on the north wall between the two windows.
Later, we all gathered in the north section of the building to speak to the ladies who work there.  While we were talking, two people felt a cold breeze on their arms.  I got the thermometer and watched it while we continued to talk, the temperature readings stayed constant around 70 degrees.  Also while we were talking, a few people heard sounds coming from the restroom, I checked it out with the EMF reader but didn't find anything out of the ordinary.  The readings are higher than average in the restroom, due to the lights and possibly electrical equipment on the roof. 
We then left the salon and walked around the outside of the building.  As we were coming around the south side of the builidng, Alyssa met us and said that she had been inside the salon with one of her customers and something small and black ran out of the bathroom and ran up her back.  I took readings near the bathroom with the EMF meter but found nothing out of the ordinary although EMF levels are high in the building due to high voltage tranmission lines running through the parking lot.  Cass & I were near the bathroom, and she decided to ask more questions with her tools.  She sensed a male spirit (I'm not sure if she concluded it was the father or the uncles), and it responded that it was angry that we were that because we "might find out the truth".
Alyssa has a key to the spa next door so we moved the investigation to there.  We found a phone with a speaker that was making a loud humming sound, apparently part of the spa's paging systems.  All EMF levels were normal and constant through the spa with the exception of the north wall.  The EMF readings along that wall in the pedicure room were about 4mg and stayed constant over the entire wall and windows on that wall.  The wall on the east side of the room was at 2mg the first time I measured it, I checked the opposite side of the wall (the lobby side) and it was also at 2mg.  We spent more time measuring the north wall and then went out into the lobby.  I measured the wall running north/south between the lobby and the pedicure room and unlike the previous measurements at 2mg, it was now at constant 4mg.  We checked out the length of the north wall and readings were at 4mg, climbing to 5mg nearer the power lines.  We checked out the outside of the building, readings were slightly lower on that side of the wall, and we found nothing outside that would explain the elevated readings. 
While outside, we checked out the 'creepy tree'.  The EMF readings were very high outside due to the power lines but the EMF readings got higher as I walked closer to the tree.  Later, I videotaped Cass near the tree.  She concluded that the tree had been alive when the women were murdered and that the murders took place approx. 80 feet from the tree.
Back inside, a few people noticed that the atmosphere felt oppresive.  I personnaly felt no change thoughout the evening.  There were four of us left in the building (me, Richard, Laura, and Alyssa) taking readings.  Richard & I were taking readings in the bathroom and Alyssa was standing near the bathroom door when I heard what sounded like a door closing from the direction of the north wall.  Alyssa heard it too.  I went to that part of the building but found no out of the ordinary readings and nothing abnormal, besides the fact that there isn't a door in that part of the building. 
Later, we were all sitting in the chairs just outside the storage room.  There were strange sounds all around us, but mostly from the north section of the salon and on the roof.  The noises on the roof were 2 different sounds, one sounded like footsteps or banging, the other like the roof moving, it reminded me of the sound a roof makes when someone has just lifted their foot.  The acoustics in the building are strange, and we often had different opinions of just where a sound was coming from.  I also noticed that the first time I heard the train, I thought it was music or humming until I realized that the echo inside the building distorted the sound and made it sound funny.
Twice while we were sitting outside the storage room I saw reflections, or lights that made me think a car was pulling into the parking lot.  The first time I saw light reflections on the bottles on the wall and I got up to see if there were any cars in the lot but there were none.  The second time I saw Richard's face illuminated by a light but thought it was imagination until Laura & Alyssa said they saw it too.  It's possible the lights may have been from headlights outside.
On one occasion while we were in the chairs near the storage room, the temperation on the meter dropped a degree in about one minute and seemed to be colder near Richard who was in the chair closest to the storage room.  Laura & Richard felt a cold draft, I didn't, however I was wearing a heavy sweatshirt at the time, and through most of the night.  I removed my sweatshirt and while standing near the shampoo chair outside the bathroom door facing south, my right arm and hand felt colder than my left. I also got goosebumps on my arm while standing in the lobby near the desk.  I am not convinced that my personal experiences of cold spots is anything out of the ordinary only because I always find it difficult to stay warm and it's not unusual for me to feel cold when everyone is warm, however I was not the only one who experienced the cold spots.
The building got very quiet and we hadn't heard noises for about 15 minutes when we decided to pack up.
Miranda J. Armstrong    Field Investigator

Note: It's important to assess the evidence collected in this (or for that matter, any) investigation of alleged paranormal phenomena, with a skeptical eye. Although there is testimony from a number of eyewitnesses, it is my duty to point out that we do not have a single piece of objectively verifiable data to support the claims of paranormal activity. In other words, despite the anecdotal evidence, our testing has produced nothing inexplicable. The incidents where my face "lit up" with no apparent light source were almost certainly caused by vehicle headlights, for example.  The "psychic lady" mentioned was a visiting "sensitive" who employed crystals in an attempt to answer yes/no questions regarding the alleged haunting. She did correctly identify the fact that the apparition of a female was seen in the salon (we cannot guarantee that this information wasn't received through perfectly ordinary methods, or guesswork) but her track record was otherwise unremarkable. My experience with "psychics", "sensitives", call them whatever you will, has left me utterly unimpressed with their abilities and usefulness. I find their claims to be dubious and unfounded.   When considering the cold draughts and unusual noises, convective air currents and animal activity would need to be ruled out before even considering a paranormal explanation. The reported apparitions have not been witnessed by myself or a member of my team, nor have they been captured on any kind of recording media, so we have only anecdotal reports to go on. Although I do respect the integrity of the owner and staff at this salon, I must conclude that more evidence would be needed before claiming paranormal activity at this location. - Richard