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Now Hiring!
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The Longmont Theater

Boulder County Paranormal is always interested in hiring talented volunteers for investigative positions.

The first questions to consider are: are you a good fit for our team, and would our team be a good fit for you?
Let's be honest, the field of paranormal investigation attracts some colorful and interesting characters. Each research team has its own personality, set of values, and motivational reasons for doing what they do. Boulder County Paranormal is no different.
We believe in the rational, objective, dispassionate investigation of alleged paranormal phenomena. Our team are skeptics in the truest sense of the word - we believe and accept only that for which there is strong evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - investigating those extraordinary claims and trying to collect that evidence falls within our remit.
Inevitably, our team is grounded in the hard sciences. This is not to say that you have to hold a degree in a scientific field to volunteer with us - simply that an open mind , along with the ability to thing logically and rationally, is what we are looking for. The technical skills can be taught during the early stages of your field internship. The ability to reason cannot be taught as easily.
If you're a big believer in the healing power of crystals, burning sage, chanting, "opening the third eye", or similar New-Age belief systems....we respect your right to hold those beliefs, but they are contrary to the scientific principles by which we operate.
A word about "psychics", "sensitives", or "mediums".... generally, Boulder County Paranormal does not bring them along on our investigations. The reason is simply this...we have yet to encounter one who impresses us sufficiently to include them in our investigative process. If you claim to possess these extraordinary abilities, then we have two suggestions: firstly, James Randi  ( has a million dollar cash prize with your name on it, should you be able to prove those abilities in a lab environment. And secondly, we would be delighted to work with you on a trial basis. If you are willing to submit to some elementary testing of those abilities in a controlled environment, and can deliver information which could not possibly have been obtained via "ordinary" means, our team will welcome you aboard with open arms.
If this sounds like a team with which you would be interested in volunteering, please contact us at either of the following email addresses: