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Investigation - Macky Auditorium
Investigation - Vance Brand Civic Auditorium, Longmont
Investigation - Longmont City Facility
Investigation: McClelland School, 2008
Investigation: Pueblo Hose Company Three
Investigation - O.L.I.
Investigation: The Pioneer Museum, Colorado Springs, CO
Investigation: The Hotel Boulderado, Boulder, CO
Investigation: The "Hammer House"
Investigation: Anonymous hair salon in Longmont, CO
Investigation: The McClelland School, Pueblo (2007)
Investigation: Victorian Theater, Denver, CO
Media: "Something going on"
Media: "Boo ya gonna call?"
Interview with Mary Roach
Interview with Mike Hallowell
Interview with Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe
The Longmont Theater

Equipment used on our investigations.

Gauss Master Basic EMF meter
Relatively cheap and easy to use, this piece of equipment checks baseline EMF readings when we investigate a location. It operates in the 0 to 10 mG range.



Natural Electromagnetic Meter
This unit, currently the most expensive EMF meter in the BCP gear locker, measures DC electromagnetic fields only. DC fields only occur in nature, so anomalous readings detected with it are not coming from natural sources. It can be tricky to use, because it's easy to misinterpret the earth's natural electromagnetic field as a false positive reading. The natural EMF meter is extremely sensitive and has to be operated with great care.


Geiger Counter
Although it might be considered overkill, we at Boulder County Paranormal believe in gathering as much objective scientific data as possible when investigating a case. This device allows us to monitor levels of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-ray particles at an allegedly location.


TriField EMF Meter
More advanced than the GaussMaster, the Trifield meter monitors AC magnetic fields, AC electrical fields, and also radio waves & microwaves. It costs ten times more than the GaussMaster, but is well worth it due to the versatile range of data gathering.



Remote Infra-Red Thermometer
This tool, accurate out to 500 meters, detects temperature variances (the classic "cold spots") in corridors and rooms. The device operates using a cone of IR energy.