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Investigation: McClelland School, 2008

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BCP's return visit to The McClelland School, Pueblo, CO

Saturday April 26th, 2008


Present:       Miranda Armstrong

                   Richard Estep

                   Laura Sutcliffe


                   Brad Carstens  (CPR)

                   Jessica Martin (CPR)

                   Randy Schneider (CPR)

                   James Scott (CPR)

                   Brian (CPR)

                   BobWaddell (CPR)


Investigation commenced : 17:30

Investigation ended:            05:00


This constituted BCP’s second visit to the McClelland School, therefore background information covering the building and history can be found in the 2007 investigation report.


We were welcomed to the school by the principal, Edward Mercer, who conducted a tour of the facility for the newcomers and related accounts of unusual activity that had taken place since our last visit. Guests for the evening included parents and students who had purchased the right to join us during a recent school fundraiser.


Baseline readings were taken throughout the building using probe temperature, IR temperature, EMF (tri-field and natural tri-field), and the alpha-beta-gamma Geiger counter. No inexplicable variations were recorded in any measurable parameters.


Control objects were placed in various locations. Because activity was reported frequently in the basement, Miranda and Brian placed a set of car keys near the kitchen entrance, a set of building blocks on the rug near the foot of the staircase, and arranged four chairs symmetrically around the building blocks to prevent investigators stumbling over them in the dark.


Cameras were placed throughout the building at various locations. Once again, we concentrated cameras in the basement (where the apparition of an adult male has been reported, in addition to faucets turning off and on without apparent cause) and on the upper floors and landings.


Photographs were taken in each room, providing a reference source in the event that anything unusual occurred later. At this point, the building was locked and secured, whilst our observers and guests broke down into teams and were distributed to one floor per team.


Team two witnessed a loud bang while investigating classrooms in the newer wing (adjoining the gymnasium). The basement team corroborated this noise, and we could find no explanation for the bang – no doors had closed, no new vehicles had appeared in the parking lot, no gates outside had changed position, and nobody was found to have entered the building.


Team four, located on the third floor, were conducting an EVP session and asking questions into thin air – they received knockings on the walls in response to their questions, using the time-honored “one rap for yes, two raps for no” formula.  When the responding party was asked to touch a member of the team, a child accompanying this team reported the sensation of being touch on the left hand – the hand was subsequently discovered to be two degrees Fahrenheit colder than the right hand.


Several EVP sessions were conducted over the course of the investigation. Resultant files are available as attachments to this report.


Cameras were set up in the basement by Randy and Brad to activate when triggered by motion, and subsequently activated several times but without capturing anything unusual on playback. No unusual environmental readings accompanied this activity. A loud slam that occurred twice during the investigation was found to be the fire doors at the top of the basement stairs slamming shut. Closer examination revealed that these doors were magnetically held open, and were designed to close automatically in the event of a fire – the fire alarm system would cut current to the magnets, thereby closing the doors. We believe that a temporary loss of electrical current to the doors caused them to close, and do not ascribe a paranormal explanation to these events.


In general, this was a quieter investigation at McClelland than those of previous years. No apparitions were reported, and upon reviewing the visual and auditory evidence, there were no major “standout” results. Boulder County Paranormal and our colleagues at Colorado Paranormal Research would like to thank Mr. Ed Mercer, principal of the McClelland School (we encourage you to seek out Ed’s book, “Worse than Heroin”, which has been recently published) for his continuing assistance and support.



The original sound file, recorded in the basement at 04:00, courtesy of James Scott.

The same audio file, cleaned up and isolated. (Courtesy of Randy Schneider). I don't believe this EVP is particularly convincing as a form of evidence (Richard).


Kicking off the investigation with a strategy meeting.